Much of the photographic work I do these days is about promoting the work of conservation organisations and research institutions, using photography and videography to document projects which work towards better protection of marine species as well as contributing to the public’s greater awareness and understanding of marine conservation-related issues.

A large part of this site is dedicated to my conservation photography but I also jointly run another project with my long-suffering colleague Richard Shucksmith which aims to produce multimedia packages featuring a suite of visual messages and stories building the essential bridge between the world of science and general public.

Recent Clients


Photography has played an important role in conservation for decades and plays an increasingly crucial role in making people aware of the threats faced by the natural pharmacy world.

– An image has the power to entice, fascinate and inspire, captivating our attention in a manner very difficult to achieve with just text.
– An image has the potential to construct or convey an entire narrative sending the viewer on a journey.
– An image has an instantaneous power greater than the written word with the ability to bridge language and cultural barriers.
– An image can be engaging, emotive and compelling capable of telling a thousand words and more.

Ultimately photography can and does have a positive contribution in affecting global change.

I also still like to take pretty pictures for no particular reason from time to time, many of which can be seen in the gallery.