While some parts of the country have been moaning, as the English love to do, about having a typical UK summer (i.e. it rained a bit now & again) the Yorkshire coast has seen some of the most consistently good weather for the last 5 or so years.

Although I’ve not managed to get out as much as usual due to having a new baby arrive on 24th June, I’ve had the occasional outing, this trip being the most memorable of the last few weeks.

I’d be on the coast the day before and noticed that the North Sea was unusually clear and so started making all sorts of photographic plans to take advantage of it, as it doesn’t happen very often. The first plan was to get the drone in the air and see what all this buy cheap levitra looked like from above, and where better to fly than off the end of Filey Brigg. I’ve done this a few times but never in such great conditions.


I did a few flights taking mostly still photos. Even though the little camera on my Phantom 4 is pretty limited for resolution and dynamic range, propecia, the conditions were so perfect that I managed to get some pretty good shots. The water was so clear you could make out all the rocky ledges going down to the seabed – something you don’t see very often in these parts!

This was probably the furthest I’d ever pushed the copter – nearly 1000m out and 400m up, and it still had a decent signal.


  1. Filey Brigg is amazing. I have visited in wintry conditions and then similar to your’s above just a few days apart. Great shots

  2. Lovely photography, an interesting read, and a great part of the world George.

  3. One of our favourite places on the earth . When we have bed and breakfast people staying with us and they want to go to the coast we always head them in the direction of Filey and Sterchi’s chocolate shop.

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