It seems like an odd competition to enter for a landscape/wildlife photographer, but the Food Photographer of the Year has a category called the Politics of Food.

Seeing as I’m involved in more and more conservation photography and had a few images that seemed to fit the criteria I thought I may as well give it a go. Obviously the fairly decent cash prize was attractive, but I also figured this would be a good way to raise a bit of awareness of some of the projects I’d been working on.

Last year I got to the final with an image I’d taken ambien online no prescription whilst working on tuna long-liners in the Indian Ocean. This year I submitted a few shots I’d taken whilst working in Myanmar. Some of the images were fairly hard-hitting and highlighted the issue of people struggling to survive whilst, through no other choice, over-harvesting the ocean’s resources.

And so it was that this image was selected to be in the final, alongside a few other great images and, quite frankly, some rather odd choices…maybe I’m just bitter! To be honest I never really expected a shot of a fisherman with a load of dead fish would win overall – I don’t think it’d sit well with all the foodie types, but at least it got the image out there….I got a load of free champagne.


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