One of my recent projects, making a short film for the Yorkshire Nature Triangle, required me to visit a number of nature reserves not far from where I live. Despite many of these places only being around an hour from my home I’d only visited a few of them, so I was really looking forward to a few days in my van travelling around East and North Yorkshire discovering some new places.

The place I was most looking forward to visiting was Spurn Point. This was a crucial part of the short film not only because of its unique habitat but also because the lighthouse had just undergone major renovations. Some aerial footage around here would really add a big wow-factor to the film, particularly in the right light.

So I headed down in the van the night before and rose the next day before order generic medications online sunrise. It’s a fair trek out to the lighthouse from the car park, particularly laden with camera kit (much of which I ended up not using) but I made it just as the sun was rising. The light while not spectacular was actually subtly beautiful really emphasising the lovely golden/brown of the landscape.

I did a few flights around the lighthouse and then out beyond the point for the classic view back toward land. After about half an hour the sun went behind some clouds which made some of the footage a little grey but I managed to get some shots while the light was good.


I made the trek back to the car park and was back in the van by 10am after having walked nearly 10 miles…not a bad start to the day!

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