The image was taken just beneath the surface at the end of a dive on the Scottish Natural Hertiage survey I’ve talked about here. Myself and my buddy, Richard Shucksmith, had just finished diving inside a cave at North Rona and as we ascended back to the cave entrance we came upon a planktonic soup.

Swimming about amongst the plankton were a couple of tiny, post-larval monkfish, buy generic zithromax spotted by Richard, and something neither of us had ever seen. Thankfully I was shooting macro so managed, with some difficulty, to get a few shots which, at the time I thought probably weren’t that great.

Richard was shooting wide so obviously couldn’t get the closeups but managed to get this amazing shot of me trying to take a photo…

Getting the shot (photo by Richard Shucksmith)


  1. Richard Dare

    What is the title of your new book mentioned on Sky news ?

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